PaxEast 2017 Indie Favorites Impressions: Ruiner

A Vibrant Dance of Death

Ruiner is a top-down shooter, which takes place in a pulsating future that looks straight out of your favorite cyberpunk anime.  Each environment embodies the evocative characteristics of popular dystopian science fiction, such as Blade Runner and Akira.

Heavily saturated shadows are illuminated by brilliant neon glow, showcasing Ruiner’s gorgeous lighting and shadow effects.  Vibrantly rendered NPCs and environments provide the aesthetic appeal of a moving oil painting, layered with intricate detail.  Combat is fast, fluid and challenging, as the player utilizes dash mechanics to weave in and out of danger.  Elements of real-time, strategic combat mechanics, provide pulse pounding satisfaction as the player pulls off dizzying displays of brutal violence. Combat rewards razor sharp, adaptive use of the players’ sophisticated gadgets, while punishing sloppy execution with efficient death.
Thrilling encounters are amplified by the game’s dark electronic sounds, composed by the brilliant Susumu Hirasawa.  The pacing of the game’s story elements, combat and exploration seem to be well balanced, based on the demo version of the game.

Ruiner is shaping up to be an atmospheric marvel, and it’s an absolute blast to play!  Look for it on Windows, Mac, and Linux sometime this year.

Ruiner 2Ruiner 3


Ruiner 4
All images are property of Reikon Games, Ruiner,

Developer: Reikon Games

Publisher: Devolver Digital

Release Date: 2017

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