Valve Announces Dota Plus, an optional Subscription Service with Exclusive perks

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Image Credit: Valve via Dota 2 Client

Valve has announced a massive “evolution” for Dota 2’s Battle Passes called “Dota Plus.”  An optional monthly subscription including analytical tools, statistics and enticing cosmetic exclusives.

In the past, Valve has released a virtual compendium and cosmetic item bundle as companion content for each season of the Dota 2 Majors, as well as the International.  Last year’s International Battle Pass for example, introduced an entirely new multiplayer campaign known as “Siltbreaker,” in addition to cosmetic upgrades for towers, a system for players to double down on their MMR through wagering, and new immortal treasures to unlock.  While players could purchase a level 1 Battle Pass for $9.99 USD, they also had the option to purchase a level 75 pass for $36.99 USD or pay proportionately for additional levels.   

With the release of Dota Plus, Valve intends to provide its player base with what they describe as an “ongoing, uninterrupted service.”  Judging by the historical success of prior compendium iterations, the continuous release of additional features and content overtime provides an alluring incentive for players saddened by the expiration of their Battle Passes at the close of each season. 

According to Valve, this revamped approach to Battle Passes incorporates several enticing features designed to provide “both progression and opportunities for improvement” for players.  With the recent overhaul to Dota 2’s conduct system in favor of more stringent penalties for poor behavior, it appears Valve is dedicated to continuously addressing the level of toxicity associated with its community.  Providing less experienced players with a better understanding of the underlying complexities associated with some of Dota 2’s more abstract layers, is a perceptive-potential solution to this problem.  That being said, let’s delve into some of the most dynamic features Dota Plus offers.

We’ll begin with arguably the most noteworthy feature of Dota Plus-the “Plus Assistant.”  The Plus Assistant gives players a powerful-comparative analytical tool providing “real-time item and ability suggestions-generated from data gathered across millions of recent games at each skill bracket.”  In addition to item and ability suggestions, the inclusion of “hero and lane suggestions,” analyzes both ally and enemy team compositions, to make empirically based recommendations regarding effective counters and capable lane assignments.  While subtle rumblings of pay-to-win surrounding this feature have already begun, it’s important to imagine the favorable utility this overlay provides both subscribed and non-subscribed players, in the form of more educated decision-making. 

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Image Credit: Valve via Dota 2 Client

Another compelling feature for fans of progression reward systems, comes in the form of “Hero Leveling,” attaching experience points and levels to each of Dota’s 115 heroes currently available for play.  Each hero has uniquely tiered challenges, which reward players with experience for every match completed.  Similar to the challenges associated with previous Battle Passes, each match will give players tasks to complete, which incentivize exploring the level of depth attributed to each heroes abilities and functions.  Reward Shards and additional Hero Chat Wheel responses are granted for each tier level achieved.  Inevitably, these shards can be used to unlock Hero Relics and Plus Rewards; the former displays statistical milestones on player profiles and the latter allows you to choose rewards exclusive to Dota Plus subscribers.

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Image Credit: Valve via Dota 2 Client

Fans of the weekly Battle Cup will be pleased to find out it’s included in the package, in conjunction with free seasonal terrain unlocks!  Whether it be the lure of cosmetic enhancements or glorious achievement, Dota Plus offers plenty of reasons to subscribe. 

Various payment options are available for players interested in subscribing, including a $3.99 USD per month option and two additional-cost-effective options, including a $22.49 USD per six-month subscription and a $41.99 USD annual subscription.  Interested players can subscribe directly through the in-game client. 

For the full list of features  available with Dota Plus, please visit the Dota 2 website.  

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